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How-To Create The Ultimate Kid’s Room

For only a small amount of money, you can give your children a room makeover to reflect their personality as well as give them their own personal oasis. Their room is not merely a place where they sleep at night. It is your child’s personal space, and kids’ colors and styles will wow them. With nothing more than some simple projects and specialty paint, you can turn your child’s room into their favorite room (and their friends’ favorite as well).


If the room has a lot of toys and other clutter that they love but are an eyesore, incorporate them into the room’s décor. There are some storage solutions available which will dress up the room and give them a way to store their toys and games.  If you purchase some clear plastic shoes bags, hang them on the wall with brightly colored hooks and allow them to fill the pockets with their things. If you have a large wall, hang a clothesline across it, and then use large brightly colored clothespins in order to show off photos and your child’s artwork. You can also use inexpensive plastic bins that are brightly colored in order to hold their shoes, books, school supplies, or anything else you can think of.


Crayola now also makes paint in some fun colors that are especially made for kids’ rooms. Don’t limit your thinking to simply the walls of the room. Take a look around. Is there anything else that could use a splash of a fun color? As a few ideas, what about ceiling fan blades, dresser tops or drawers, headboards, or chairs? By painting other things as well, you can make the room look kid friendly, and really accent your main colors.


Another option is to use glow in the dark paint in order to paint stars and planets, or anything else that you can think of, on the ceiling. When you turn out the lights at night, they will then have a cool mural to look at as they fall asleep.


Get creative with furniture! If you have an old stool or chair, you can decorate it as an artistic touch in the room. Glue pictures, an old map, or maybe something related to something they like or one of their hobbies on the seat. Then, decoupage over the top of it with several coats of decoupage material. Then paint the legs and back in bright colors to accent the room.


You can also get creative by turning something into a magnet board, chalkboard, or dry erase board. You can also turn your child’s headboard, side of a shelf, or side of a cabinet into a creativity center. You can use magnetic paint to paint the area, and then attach a holder for magnets. You can do the same thing with chalkboard paint or dry erase paint.


Invest your time to make a kids’ reading area in order to get them to want to read. Place an inexpensive beanbag chair in an area, along with a few novelty pillows. Paint a wooden crate in a fun color and turn it on its side to hold their books. If there is a window, place a colorful window box on the inside, just below the window, and then fill it with paperbacks, pencils, paper, and a small journal.


When looking at the windows, think beyond curtains. In order to make it more kid friendly, you can think about things like scarves, beads, or anything else that is fun.


These are all relatively inexpensive changes to make. Here at, we would be proud to put our 30+ years of experience to work for you in making your home more fun and personal for your children. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


Gary Harris



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