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Selecting Floor Tile

When choosing the type of floor tile that you want to use on your next remodeling project, you have various options. There is no single “right” solution for all applications. When making suggestions, you will want to look at numerous factors, such as how the room is used and what it is used for. Some types are better suited for certain applications. We are going to look at some of the common types of floor tile.


Quarry tile is made from clay or shale. This is similar to the way that manufacturers make brick, but these are made into floor tiles. You will typically find quarry tile in the following sizes: 6×6, 4×8, 8×8, and even 12×12. This type of tile is extremely durable.


Glazed tiles are a type of ceramic tile that has been fired in a kiln in order to create very nearly a glass like coating. This type of tile is very low maintenance due to the fact that the coating seals the tile. This causes it to be waterproof and easy to clean. The grout that is used will need to be sealed, and there are many non-toxic grouting materials available for these types of tile. If you also plan to use passive solar heating in your home, it is best to select a darker colored grout due to the fact that it will absorb and hold heat more efficiently than light colored grout will.


Porcelain tile is also another type of ceramic tile. This type of tile is extremely hard and it very difficult to cut. You can get this tile in both glazed and unglazed styles, and it is usually more expensive than clay tile.


Terracotta tile is a type of tile that will get its color from the type of clay that it is made from. The color will vary from brown to orange to many other shades, depending on the chemical composition if the clay used in its manufacture.


Another option that you may not have thought of is recycled glass tiles. These are most from post consumer or post industrial use glass. These tiles are gaining in popularity because they are eco friendly and keep this glass from ending up in a landfill. Because of the wide variety of glass colors, these tiles can be found in a multitude of shades and patterns.


These are just a few of your many choices for tiles in your home. Here at, we would be honored in putting our 33 years of experience to work for you in making your new floor tile really stand out. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


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