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Adding a Deck to Your Home

We all have the iconic image in our minds of the happy family gathered around the barbeque on the perfect deck, enjoying the family time together. Decks are a great way to get your family and friends together to enjoy your yard, and can be a gathering place for outdoor celebrations. Before we get carried away with the perfect fantasy, there are some things to consider before you ever attempt to build a deck on your home.

Important Considerations

The first thing to consider is the proper size for you deck. How will it be used? Will you be entertaining large groups of people, or will it mainly be used just for friends and family?

Will elderly or handicapped people be using the deck, and will you need ramps or other special access to the deck?

You also need to ensure that the design of the deck meshes with your overall home design. If you have a historical style home or a contemporary style home, you will want to plan your deck accordingly, or it will look out of place.

What type of material do you plan to use for the deck? Thinking outside the box and using a wood composite material instead of regular timber can reduce the up front cost, as well as the ongoing maintenance work and costs.

Will you need easy access between the house and the deck? If you plan to do a lot of entertaining, it might be a good idea to provide easy access to the kitchen. Or, you may want it to be an extension of your living room. Another deck idea would be to make it a private retreat for you and your spouse, with French or sliding doors coming off of your master bedroom.

You also need to consider your privacy. With your deck design, how visible is your deck from the neighbor’s yard? Likewise, how visible is the neighbor’s yard from your deck?

Also think about the weather. Will the deck area be protected from high winds? If the area is very sunny, you may want to design either a retractable or permanent cover for the deck. The last thing that you want is a deck that is too hot or uncomfortable to use.

A final consideration is your local building codes. Do you need to get a permit and submit a formal blueprint, or are they open to you doing anything you want? Most jurisdictions have codes that lie somewhere in the middle.

Design Decisions

Now that these important questions have been answered, it is time to decide on the design of the deck. The options are as varied as the people who want a new deck. Many options are available, and you can leverage your existing environment to make the deck even more unique. Perhaps the place where you would like to put the deck has a beautiful, well-established tree. Don’t cut it down. Instead, incorporate the tree into your design and build the deck around it, leaving an opening for the tree in the center of the deck. Or, you could build benches into the outside railing, allowing for more seating room. You could also choose to incorporate a frame for a hot tub, fire pit, or barbeque. The possibilities are endless as you incorporate your personality into your new deck.

A.C. T. Services would be honored to have the opportunity to show you the best choices for creating a deck to make your home the envy of your friends. We can put our 31 years of experience to work in making your deck into the family and entertainment center that you have always wanted. We will make the outdoor deck match your personality, as well as your personal tastes. Most of all, you are the most important member of our home remodeling team.




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