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Outdoor Projects

What Type Of Windows Should I Install?

When you look at upgrading the windows in your home, you have many options. The only limitations on what you choose are the style that you like, and the use for the windows. No matter which style that you choose, … Continue reading

Selecting A Proper Entry Door

There are many things to consider when deciding on the proper entry door for your home. This is more than simply your budget. You will also want to consider the dĂ©cor and hardware on your home. Never just buy a … Continue reading

Installing An Outdoor Kitchen

The concept of an outdoor kitchen is relatively new concept, but one that is gaining in popularity. As more of us want to spend family time outdoors, there has been a design move toward developing outdoor space into usable space … Continue reading

The Perfect Woodshop

If you are like most woodworkers, the smell of sawdust and the whirring of tools makes you feel like you did walking into the kitchen as a child to the smell of freshly baked cookies. Our tools are our refuge, … Continue reading

Enhancing Your Outdoor Time With A Patio Cover

Many times when we want to spend time outdoors, we also need to have shelter from it. When there is the possibility of rain or intense sunlight, it is often difficult to plan entertainment for family and friends. Patio covers … Continue reading

Adding Skylights to Your Home

Many new homes are being built with skylights. They are not only practical, but they can also add beauty to the overall look of your home. Few things can compare to having natural sunlight entering your home. Natural sunlight will … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Wood Deck

In the past, decks were more of a novelty, but today it seems that nearly every home has one. Today, more than thirty million homes have a deck on them. Better wood treatments are available today that makes the wood … Continue reading

Preserving Your Garden Harvest

As we get closer to Spring, many of us are beginning to get Spring fever and are itching to get out in the yard. For many of us, our gardens are calling our names. But, every year, no matter how … Continue reading

Gentrify Your Yard With A Gazebo

There are many reasons to look at adding a gazebo to your yard. Sometimes they are used as a covered patio area where you can enjoy the yard while outside in comfort. If gardening is your thing, a gazebo can … Continue reading

Optimizing the Lighting in Your Workshop

Lighting is something that you should always keep in mind when you are planning out the arrangement of tools in your shop. If the workspaces and machines do not have proper lighting, shadows will come across the work area, which … Continue reading



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