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What Type Of Windows Should I Install?

When you look at upgrading the windows in your home, you have many options. The only limitations on what you choose are the style that you like, and the use for the windows. No matter which style that you choose, there are also many designs that you can choose so you can make them blend in nicely with your home.


One style that you can choose is the sliding window type. These are made up of a stationary glass panel and a functional panel that will move on a horizontal track. These are relatively inexpensive, but they also allow less ventilation than other pane type windows.


Casements are windows which open with a crank and lever, and the window will swing to the outside for ventilation. This type of window is usually very energy efficient because they seal very tightly when they are cranked closed.


Fixed pane windows will allow light in, but they provide no ventilation for you. These types of windows are commonly used in garages and entryways where you want to have the view and natural light, but where security is also a concern.


Another style that you may choose is the rotating window style. These windows will picot around a central point in order to allow for full ventilation and easy cleaning. They may also apply a reflective coating on one side, and this will allow you to rotate the glass in order to either reflect the heat or to attract the heat, depending on the season.


Another common window you will find in a home is the double hung style. These windows operate by sliding either the bottom half up or the bottom half down. This style is very popular.


Single hung windows will operate just like the double hung style, but the main difference is that only the bottom half will move in order to get you some ventilation.


As you can see, you have many options when it comes to selecting the new windows for your home. Here at, we would be honored to put over 33 years of experience to work in installing your beautiful new energy efficient windows. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


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