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How-To Create A Home Library

Adding a library to your home will help you to organize your book collections, and it will give your home a touch of class. It gives your home a touch of refinement, intelligence, and prosperity. Despite what you may think, this remodeling job does not have to be that expensive.


The basic components that you will need in order to create a home library are the following: books, shelves for the books, and space for the shelves. Other items, such as a comfortable chair and esoteric displays can give the room more class, but those are the basics.


First, decide where the room is going to go. The best option is a room that you can completely dedicate to being your library. All that you need is a room with ample wall space for the bookshelves. A room with high ceilings would be ideal, as you can create an impressive display of books. All that is needed for your library is to decorate the walls in shelves and books, rather than wall paper and paint. Every time someone removes or replaces a book, your wall décor changes. This also gives the room a sense of intelligence and sophistication that cannot be achieved any other way.


You have three types of shelf choice for the library: recessed, free standing, and hanging shelves. The most attractive and utilitarian type of shelf is the recessed shelf type. They will take up the least space, require the least amount of preparation, and they look the most professional. However, most homes will not have these types of shelves. They can be added later, but although they look the best, they will be the most expensive. Free standing shelves are another option, and they come in a predefined size and height. You can place as many as you need in the space allotted. You can save money by buying these in plastic or metal, but that will take a lot away from the look that you are trying to achieve. Hanging shelves are another option, but if they are not carefully installed, they can look crooked and amateurish. In most cases, it is well worth the money to have the recessed shelves installed, as they will be custom fit to your room, and it won’t look like you just dropped some bookcases in the room.


The accessories that you add to this room will flesh out the feeling that you are trying to invoke. You can use these accessories to give the room the feel of a no nonsense research library, a quiet reading lounge, or a family museum. Adding chairs or a small couch can give you a comfortable place to read. A plush carpet can also aid in the appeal, although some may opt for hardwood floors and an area rug to add to the elegance.


Here at, we would be proud to put our 30+ years of experience to work for you in making your home library something to be proud of. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


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