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Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

We all enjoy hanging out on the front or back porch. When the weather is nice, it is a relaxing place to read a book or enjoy time with family and friends. It is a place that is free from all the electronic distractions of the world, where we can sit and refocus our lives. However, what do you do when there is inclement weather, or during the times of year when the temperatures are low? Are you simply banished from your place of relaxation?


That doesn’t have to be the case. Have you thought of taking that front or back porch and turning it into a sunroom? A sunroom is a glass and screen outdoor living room that is installed on a wood or concrete foundation. This will enhance the attractiveness of your home, and it will also give your home more natural light. You will also be able to use this relaxing area for more things, and you won’t be limited by the weather. This could be a great area for you and your family to hang out or to entertain friends.


There are many different types of sunrooms that you can choose for your family. Sunrooms will contain different amounts of glass, depending on the style. There are also types of sunrooms which are referred to as “three season” and “four season.” The differences between the two types are that a four season sunroom will have fully insulated ceilings, walls, and windows. Some sunrooms are almost completely made out of glass, and others will have a more traditional design to them. In order to let in more natural light, it is common to add skylights to the room.


There are many advantages to adding a sunroom. One of the biggest is that it will not only give your home additional space, but it will also add a lot of natural light. You can also enjoy the beauty, serenity, and energy of nature, no matter what the season. You can enjoy the out of doors year round, no matter what the weather is, with the added benefit of not dealing with bugs, wind, or other pests. A sunroom can also add a level of sophistication to your home. It will open up the flow of your floor plan, and add a level of elegance to your entertaining.


There are many decorating styles that you can add to the sunroom. We can custom design the sunroom so it matches up with your existing décor, or we can create a totally new look for your home.


This can become a fun room for you and your family, and will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Here at, we would be proud to put our 30+ years of experience to work for you in putting together your dream sunroom. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


Gary Harris



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