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Learning From The Master – Forgiveness

We all know that the Bible has told us that if we believe upon Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that we will be forgiven from our sins. We also know that the Bible tells us that we should forgive others in the same way that God forgives us from our sins. We need to take a look at ourselves and ask ourselves how we are doing in that area. Have we really forgiven those that have wronged us? Or do we still harbor some resentment for what that person has done?


When people wrong us, our spirit is injured. Especially if that person is close to us, these spiritual wounds may leave you with lasting feelings of anger, bitterness, or even fleeting thoughts of getting even our vengeance, hardly fruits of the spirit. On the other hand, if you practice true forgiveness, these feelings can be replaced by peace, hope, gratitude, and joy.


Think of forgiveness as a decision. You are deciding to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge or getting even. The offending act may continue to remain a part of your life, but practicing forgiveness takes away its power to hold its grip on your life so that you can focus on more positive aspects of your life. Forgiveness may also lead to feelings of understanding, empathy, and compassion for the one that wronged you. However, forgiveness does not make you a doormat. It does not deny the other person’s responsibility, not does it minimize or justify the act. All that it does is to bring you a peace which allows you to live the life that you want.


There are some real benefits to practicing forgiveness. Some of these benefits include the following: healthier relationships, greater spiritual and psychological well being, less stress and hostility, lower blood pressure, fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, and a lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse.


When you hold a grudge, only you are affected. The person that wronged you is still sleeping at night. Why should you toss and turn and stay up at night? It’s time for all of us to take a lesson from the Master.


Gary Harris



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