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Live Oak Trees from Cedar Oaks Tree Farm

This week, we thought we would take a break from talking about our services so we could bring attention to another company that we would like to recommend to you. Cedar Oaks Tree Farm, located in Waller, Texas, is a great place to get information about and purchase your live oak trees.

What Are “Live Oak” Trees?

Live Oak trees, or Quercus Virginiana, are a breed of oak tree that is very unique. They are native here in Texas, and are an evergreen variety, meaning that you will be able to enjoy shade throughout the year. They will typically reach heights of 30-40 feet with a spread of 40-60 feet. The leaves are usually a bright olive green when the tree is young, and a shiny dark green when the tree matures. This tree is perfect to use as a shade tree. They work well in all types of soil, from light sand to heavy silt and clay. Pruning the tree when young will help it to become established.

What Makes Cedar Oaks Tree Farm Different?

Are there cheaper alternatives out there? Possibly. However, you need to look at what you get for your money, and always remember, cheaper isn’t always cheaper. Have you ever bought a tree or plant at one of those retail stores and taken it home, only to watch it die despite your best efforts? The problem isn’t you. It’s how the big retail stores operate. That tree you bought was probably shipped across country to sit in their back room until it was brought out for you to buy.

The rules are different at your locally grown tree farm. Their trees are grown in fabric “grow bags.” This provides a natural aeration system, and it allows heat to be released and oxygen to get to the roots. The result is a better root ball that isn’t constricted by a plastic container, and a much healthier tree that will last for decades.

Additionally, their contact with you doesn’t end at the sale. They will work with you to ensure that your tree is healthy and will work where you want it placed. If you don’t have the means or ability to plant your new tree, or the knowledge of how to do it, Cedar Oaks Tree Farm also offers a live oak tree transplant service where they will come out and do all the work for you. They really are the tree experts.

Why Add Trees to Your Property?

Aside from the beauty and comfort trees provide, healthy trees will also improve your property values. They make your home look like “home.” When you get ready to sell, if you have big healthy trees, potential buyers can picture the tire swing in the tree, and it will help you get the price you want. Another thing to keep in mind is it sets your home apart from the “cookie cutter” neighborhoods where they bulldoze areas and put up house after house, where everything looks the same. It will give your home character.

Having trees on your property can also provide a natural cooling effect to your home with the shade they will provide. They are also a boon to the environment, as they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. In a small way, by planting trees you will be helping to save the environment for future generations.

Live Oak Trees, and Cedar Oak Tree Farm, we recommend both!

Gary Harris



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