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Selecting The Best Sink Type For Your Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, there seems to be an endless variety of choices for the sink. They will range anywhere from an inexpensive wall hung sink to an heirloom quality cabinet, and the costs will vary widely as well. This week we will take a look at our options, including the following: wall mounted, pedestal, vessel, framed, drop in, under mount, and cabinet style.


The most basic and common style is the simple wall mounted sink. These are common in older homes and apartments. They are typically used in tight spaces when money is an issue. These sinks will mount directly to the wall with no floor support. Plumbing is typically left exposed.


A pedestal sink is more of a classic design. This type of sink can be found in both older and newer homes. This type is commonly used when space is tight, but it is also stylish enough to be a centerpiece of the bathroom. These sinks will mount on top of a pedestal, and the lines are concealed inside the pedestal.


The vessel sink is a newer style of sink. This type of sink will sit on a countertop that is fastened to a floor mounted vanity base that is attached to the wall for stability. These sinks will require a special faucet and drain system. These are designed to be as much of a work of art as they are functional.


The framed sink is a sink that will be installed into a vanity counter top. They are designed to be dropped into a hole in the countertop, and they are trimmed with a metal frame. They are typically made of porcelain enameled cast iron or pressed steel.


The drop in sink is a self rimming sink or a surface mounted sink, and it will be installed into a vanity counter top. These sinks can be installed into any type of counter top including plastic laminate, stone, tile, or even synthetic composite tops. These sinks will have a lip larger than the hole, and it will drop in the hole.


An under mount sink is a clean looking sink that is common in newer construction. Keep in mind that they cannot be installed in plastic laminate or tile countertops. They need to be installed into solid surface counters such as stone or synthetic composite. These sinks will mount to the underside of the counter, and they are slightly larger than the opening of the top.


The cabinet style vanity can be used with many different types of sinks. This is a high quality piece of furniture that is as functional as it is attractive. It will usually be functional as well as attractive.


A.C. T. Services would be honored to have the opportunity to show you the best choices for remodeling any bathroom and turning it into the oasis you desire. We can put our 33 years of experience to work in making your new bathroom beautify your home and turning your home into the showplace that you desire. We will make the bathroom match your personality, as well as your personal tastes. Most of all, you are the most important member of our remodeling team.


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