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We Should All Be Grateful For Grace

Grace is God’s unmerited favor in our lives. Nothing that we can do will justify or earn this grace. It is simply kindness from God that we do not deserve. Nothing that any of us can possible do will earn this from God. This is divine gift from God.


One way to think of grace is with this acronym:








It is by grace that we are saved by faith, and not through any actions by ourselves.  Some of the gifts that we receive through grace include life, creation, and salvation. Grace also describes the means by which humans are saved from original sin and are freely given salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.


In the Bible, the parables that Jesus taught give us a clear view of the concept of grace. These parables underlined that grace was God’s to give, at His discretion, and that it was freely offered to all.


As an example, take a look at Matthew 20:1-16 and read the parable of the workers in the vineyard. In this parable, there is an employer (representing God) who hires some workers early in the day, other later, and still others only an hour before the end of the day. When it comes time to give them their pay, he pays them all equally. This upsets those who worked all day and they complain about the equal pay. The employer then responds that his resources are His to give as he pleases. This is another example of how we cannot earn grace. It is freely given from God.


This shows us that there is nothing that we can do to earn this grace, just like there is nothing that we can do in order to earn salvation. This gift is fully given from God. There are no brownie points in Heaven for our actions.


We pray that all of you have a good church home, and if not, that you will seek out one.


God Bless,


Gary Harris



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