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What To Expect When Remodeling

Maybe you have thought about remodeling in the past, but you kept putting it off because you weren’t sure what to expect. Maybe you wanted to simply have some painting done, or maybe you wanted to remodel your entire kitchen or bathroom.


Here at, we strive to make the remodeling process as smooth as possible. During any remodeling job, there are going to be inconveniences for both your family and our crew, but we will always try to find ways to make this process as smooth as possible. Our goal is to get the project completed quickly so that you can get to enjoy your new space as quickly as possible.


As with any major changes, there are always unforeseen circumstances that we may come across during a project. We will always try to do enough legwork to minimize these unforeseen circumstances, but they may always be times where we take out an old shower and come across something that we had not anticipated, such as damage behind the shower wall, or some surprise termite damage behind an old cabinet you are having us replace. Bear in mind that we pride ourselves on professionalism, and we will always do the necessary legwork before a project so we can anticipate as many of these potential problems as possible.


No matter which contractor you select for your remodeling project, here are some things that you need to make sure to find out:

  1. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the contractor will provide, along with their schedule.
  2. Be sure that the contractor will be responsible for the tear out and disposal, and if this is included in their price.
  3. If you want to minimize the time you are unable to use the space, make sure they are going to have the new materials on hand before they start the tear out.
  4. If the project includes structural changes, be sure that they also have architectural and contracting expertise on hand.


Here at, we are able to put over 33 years of experience to work for you in minimizing the negative impact of any remodel. As long as we have been working in the field, we have experience with almost any hidden problem that we may encounter, so you can be assured that there is very little that we haven’t seen before. Our experienced crews are well trained and professional, and they will strive to get you into your new space as soon as possible. As always, you are the most important part of our remodeling team.


Gary Harris



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